Monday Musings (on a Sunday evening!)

Today was one of those special days in the life of a musician that will be cherished for a long time. To help nurture the love of singing in the life of a young person is a honor that belongs to all of us. And when it’s one as special as Charlie Baird, who many of you know much more than I do, it warms the heart. The look on his face after we were done said it all: He looked at me, patted his heart, and mouthed “Wow”.

Beautiful Savior will become, for Charlie, one of those pieces of music that will transform his life as he makes his way through the months and years at St. Olaf. Take a listen to the video above of the St. Olaf choir singing this gorgeous work. It’s just audio and you’ll have to turn the volume up at the beginning to hear it.

Think back to the time when you first sang in a choir and what piece made the most lasting impression on you. How did that piece make you feel as you were singing it? What has it meant to you all these years later?

Never under-estimate what we do as worship leaders, and as singers in general, or take lightly what we do when we raise our voices in song. Someone’s life just might be profoundly changed.

Bravo to ALL of you for making February 5, 2012, a special day for me.

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1 Response to Monday Musings (on a Sunday evening!)

  1. Sandy Burke says:

    Craig, you have made me weepy again! I have shared this blog post with Charlie and his dad and step Dad. We are so proud of him and grateful to you for giving him such wonderful performance opportunities and life memories. Charlie is so honored to sing with you and tells me all the time what an exceptional musician and person you are.

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